Katie Poinier is the genuine article. An avid learner who seamlessly weaves together the disciplines of shamanic healing, western medicine, energy medicine, eco-psychology, and wilderness guiding, she is a singularly gifted healer and facilitator. I would entrust anyone at any stage of life to Katie's care, from early childhood to advanced elderhood, whether they are seeking individual shamanic healing, ritual facilitation, and/or shamanic instruction. Of the forty-four graduates who have completed my three-year shamanic practitioner training, The Art and Practice of Shamanic Healing, I invited Katie to be the Lead Mentor for my current shamanic practitioner training cohort (2019 – 2022) because of her trustworthiness, kindness, reliability, generosity, and groundedness. In the ten years that I have known Katie, she has consistently and beautifully embodied the essential qualities of a great healer and facilitator; humility, integrity, dignity, and proficiency. I am honored to have her in the role of Lead Mentor in my current shamanic practitioner training cohort, and I hope to have the great good fortune of collaborating with Katie for many moons to come. 


Julie M. Kramer

Shamanic Practitioner and Facilitator

I often think about different healers I have worked with over the years and their strengths and wisdom. The universe connected me to Katie at a time when I was in a huge upheaval and was starting to forget my life path and ignore my soul's true calling. There are no words that can adequately describe the beauty of Katie's rare gift as a shamanic practitioner. She is able to quickly create a sacred and safe place for your guides to come in to gently nudge you back on course. Her connection to nature, the earth, and all of life around us is as beautiful as the wisdom of her words that nourish your heart and reawaken your intuition. Working with Katie feels like when you are listening to the most beautiful song, as her essence resonates and radiates true compassion and joy. I highly recommend working with Katie!


Trina Gadsden

Intuitive Life Coach, Photographer, World Traveler

What a pleasure it is to work with a practitioner who so gracefully navigates the unseen worlds while grounding you carefully in this one. Katie's gifts are endless and her work is deeply rooted in the heart and the natural world. Her relationship with spirit is beautifully and deeply tended, and when I work with her I feel safe, I feel held, and I feel fully able to express every last drop of my vulnerability as she holds my spirit with the greatest care, and the skill of a true professional. If you are seeking healing, expansion, guidance, or wisdom, Katie is the perfect partner for you on your journey. I recommend her completely.


Heather Porter, Denver CO

Working with Katie has been exceptional. She holds the space impeccably. She is professional, grounded and authentic. Not to mention, gifted! The work Katie has done with me has been of tremendous value on my path. I am very grateful for her unique presence and the gifts she offers to the world. Thanks, Katie!


Derek Jones, Boulder, Colorado

Not only is Katie a brilliant healer, she is also a kind-hearted and deeply compassionate soul being. I am in awe of Katie’s endless capacity to build seamless and enduring partnerships with the human, plant, and animal worlds. Katie has a sacred & ancient link to Mother Earth which shines through her healing sessions, her relationships, and her writings. 


Katie recently performed a power animal retrieval for my stepson, Mark. The three animals she retrieved have provided both anchoring and expansion as Mark explores being a teen in unprecedented times. And all the animals continue to show up in different supportive forms - both in Mark’s reality and dream world, as well as my parenting landscape. 


Katie is a true & joyful gift - a beacon of iridescent light - and I am grateful for her sparkly presence in our lives.

Shruthi Bajaj, M.Ed

Earth-Centered Food & Wellness | Shamanic and Ayurvedic Healing

Katie Poinier is one of the most amazing practitioners I know. Her depth of knowledge and ability to see right into the heart of the situation - with compassion and love - are so amazing. She is a healer that I would trust with all of my deepest, darkest "stuff" and I am so appreciative of all that she has helped me with. 


Erin Newman, Authentic Courage Coach  

Katie is a truly gifted shamanic healer. I have sat in circle with her and received healings from her for many years now, and I continue to be in awe of her gifts. I’ve noticed real, significant shifts in my own life as a result of her work, and I’m incredibly grateful to have her in my life. Katie’s generosity of spirit, deep relationship with Earth, and commitment to her integrity are exactly what I look for in a practitioner. 

Juniper Stokes, Shamanic Practitioner, Aromatherapist, and Perfumer

Katie is a deeply committed Shamanic Practitioner who  is incredibly dedicated to living this path in her life. She holds a beautiful dedication to deepening her relationship with the unseen realms. 

Merryl Rothaus, Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner, Boulder CO