what is shamanism?

shamanism is the oldest human healing practice and tends to the overall health of communities and individuals.  in traditional or place-based cultures, shamans provided healing, insight, guidance, and support for a full spectrum of spiritual illnesses with restoration of balance and wholeness as the overall goal.  spiritual illness can influence physical and mental health, so tending to this type of illness is an important aspect of holistic healing  and health.


what is a shaman or shamanic practitioner?

a shaman, or shamanic practitioner, is one who carries the mantle of the healer and lives in service of harmony on every possible level.  shamanic practitioners work with the living, the dying, and the dead. 


the shamanic healing approach is rooted in the premise that everything is alive and is imbued with spirit or vital essence.  this perspective also includes the belief that all things, seen and unseen, are intimately interconnected.  thus, what happens in one reality can affect what happens in another. 

why might I need or want shamanic healing?

people seek out shamanic healers to assist with myriad concerns, such as feeling stuck or stagnant in some area(s) of life, lacking vibrancy or vitality, and with recovery from deep pain or wounding of any kind.  in other cases, someone may experience the sensation of feeling lost or rudderless.  shamanic practitioners also facilitate transformative processes in life, such as growing through life stages, the ebb and flow of relationships, and dying.  when we engage the energies or forces in the unseen realms, foundational healing shifts can take place in psychological, emotional, physical, and mental areas of life.      

what if i don't feel sick?

shamanic healing sessions can certainly provide spiritual healing.  however, they can also provide insight, guidance, wisdom, and illuminate questions you may have about any aspect of your life.  shamanic practitioners work closely with the unseen realms where your purpose, path, and experience can been seen through another lens or in a different way. 

what happens during a session?

we begin by setting a safe and sacred space in which we can interact with our compassionate helping spirits. 


you and i will talk about what you are experiencing, what is alive in your life, your questions, and your longings.  i will then undertake a diagnostic journey, which may include rattling, drumming, singing, or sitting quietly to get clarity regarding the healing work indicated for your session.  once i have received guidance on which steps to take, i will inform you of those steps.  then, with your permission, i will undertake the healing work that is indicated.  you may sit or lie down while i work.  your safety, comfort, and participation are paramount during your healing session, and i will ensure that you are as informed, comfortable, and prepared as possible.  

after your session, you may notice subtle or profound shifts that occur in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  the healing process is completely unique to each person.  in some instances, a follow-up session (or sessions), is indicated.  in others, people feel as though they do not need to return for some time.

**shamanic healing is not a substitute for appropriate medical or mental health care.  i will happily work alongside any other practitioners who are assisting you in your healing process.  as a registered nurse, i am a mandatory reporter, meaning that i have the obligation to call on assistance for you if i sense that you are in peril or your living situation is unsafe.