shamanic healing session

tending your spiritual evolution and well being

together, we open to the infinitely compassionate, benevolent, and wise helping spirits who are eager to assist in your healing and evolution.  

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in an individual healing session, we will gently settle in to talk about what is most important for you.  during the course of the session, a multitude of powerful healing modalities may be recommended by the helping spirits.  we will talk about each step as it unfolds.  i prioritize your comfort and safety, and i will ensure that you are as prepared and informed as possible throughout your session.    

$120 per session (1-1.5 hours)*

sessions take place in my Carlton-based healing space or remotely

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* alternate rates available if needed

** an important disclaimer:  sometimes, when i check in with my helping spirits first thing in the morning, they tell me that it is not a good day to journey.  because i live in complete trust of what they say, i may need to reschedule our session.  if this rare occasion happens, we will find another time that aligns for us to engage in a healing session.