shamanic healing session

tending your spiritual well being

open to the infinitely compassionate and wise ones who are eager to assist in your healing and growth.  we will create sacred space so you can rest into your heart, receiving all available nourishment and interconnections from your benevolent helping spirits.

during a shamanic healing session, we will gently settle in and talk about what is alive in your life, your questions, and your longings.  during the course of a session, any of the following powerful healing modalities may be recommended by the helping spirits:


divination:  the practice of asking for, and receiving, information and guidance from my and your helping spirits 

power animal retrieval:  the beautiful process of partnering with the spirit of an animal who offers to share their power and gifts with you 

soul retrieval:  the uplifting practice of restoring and reintegrating soul parts that contain power, gifts, and wisdom  

soul essence remembering:  in this practice, the original blueprint of your beautiful soul will be remembered to you, allowing you to receive information regarding your true essence and soul’s path

cord dissolution:  a gentle process of revitalizing you by compassionately dissolving energy leaks and restoring your vital essence, which may have been feeding relationships to people, situations, events, or behavior patterns

psychopomp:  assisting those who have died across the threshold and into their true home 

compassionate depossession:  lovingly tending to those who are attracted to our light. they have lost their way, either in death or confusion, yet remain in this realm, overshadowing your true essence.  i assist them in remembering their true essence and then lovingly escort them on their journey back home 

curse unraveling:  working with the power and potency of thoughts, words, and language, we can gently lift entanglements and liberate you from that which might be preventing you from moving through your life with as much freedom as possible 

extraction:  the practice of clearing foreign energy from your body and energy field

** an important disclaimer:  sometimes, when i check in with my helping spirits first thing in the morning, they tell me that it is not a good day to journey.  because i live in complete trust of what they say, i may need to reschedule our session.  if this rare occasion happens, we will find another time that aligns for us to engage in a healing session

$80 per hour*

sessions take place in my Seattle-based healing space or remotely

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* alternate rates available if needed

© 2019 by katie poinier/rooted in reciprocity in joyful collaboration with her helping spirits