power animal retrieval

the concept

power animals are significant allies in the subtle realms.  they are eager to share their medicine with us, and love being honored our lives.  sometimes they are with us for long periods.  sometimes they come and go as we need them or as they have gifts and wisdom to share with us.  


with this remote, stand-alone offering you will:

discover who one of your power animals is

receive the potent healing of a relationship with a power animal

learn more about power animals in general

discover how to connect with your power animal

the process

i will conduct a full power animal retrieval ceremony on your behalf.  afterward, we will talk by phone about your power animal, who they are, why they've come to be with you at this point in your life, and what gifts and wisdom they have to share with you.

once you've learned about your power animal, the relationship is in your hands.  you can begin cultivating and deepening your relationship in all the ways that feel inspiring and nourishing for you.  the more you connect with your new ally, the more they become integrated, giving you the chance to access your own inner gifts and power.  many people report significant changes in their lives after this potent ceremony. 


remote session only