illuminating interconnections

a talisman honoring your connection with the natural world

the concept

we are intimately connected to the natural world.  yet in our busy days and lives it is so easy to forget that we have innumerable allies in the more-than-human world.  when we forget, we can feel isolated or numb, and even doubtful that our allies exist. 


sometimes it helps us remember them when we have a physical representation of this sacred connection – something to remind us of who we really are. 


the illuminating interconnections process is a collaborative experience that helps you deepen into your innate relationships in the more-than-human world.  in the end, you will receive the gift of a tangible reminder of who you and your allies really are.    

the process

during our time together, i will invite you to share a positively influential experience with the more-than-human world which left you joyful and feeling a sense of belonging. 


after our story sharing time is complete, i will sit in meditation or undertake a shamanic journey to collect guidance regarding the most powerful artistic expression of it for you.  in the days that follow, i will craft a one-of-a-kind piece of art for you – a drawing, a painting, a poem, or something crafted from the more-than-human world.


this talisman will be infused with the essence of your story and blessings for you to remember your unique, individual interconnection with the earth and your allies. 


please allow at least two weeks for the creation of your talisman.


sessions take place remotely

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grand canyon dreaming
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medicine wand
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