The Full Congruence Way

Online Women's Group

A Year-long Women’s* Rite of Passage for Living into Deeper Alignment with Your Soul


Do you long for your inner life to be more in alignment with your outer expression in the world?

Do you yearn for intentional time to listen more deeply to your inner wisdom and guidance?


Is there a transition you feel called to purposefully mark in a sacred and facilitated community of women?


Do you desire space and time to explore your belonging through supported community and focused connection with the earth?


How would you live if you had the full backing of all your allies?


If you are feeling lit up, curious. . . or maybe even a little nervous, read on!

We invite you to join us for this 10-month long journey of saying “Yes” to listening more deeply to your own Soul, of listening to your inner and outer guidance, and ultimately of living your life with more purpose. Through the support of the earth, a community of women on their own intentional journeys, and the unseen world, you will be supported in listening to and more deeply trusting your own inner voice. By stepping out of your day-to-day habits to listen, share, and dream into what is possible with the reflection of community, you will inevitably come into deeper alignment with your own essence and truth.

After 4 intentional months of gathering together virtually, along with deep inward listening and soulful preparation of your inner soils, you will be guided out on the land for a seven-day wilderness quest that includes a three-day solo with an option to fast from food.

This will be a time for you to reflect, to let go, to say “yes,” or to celebrate what will most feed your Soul and the current season of your life.

Following the wilderness quest time, we will continue to support you in integrating the medicine of your journey on the land and the gifts you have received into your daily life. For four additional months, the group will gather virtually for continued support of the emergence of your new congruence as it comes more fully into form in your life and in the world.

Throughout this 10-month Rite of Passage, in addition to our virtual and in-person time together, we will offer journal questions and experiential exercises to deepen your process between meetings. You will also have the support of the other group members to help you unfold and integrate all that is emerging.

If you are ready to say a bigger “YES” to living a life of purpose and greater aliveness, Full Congruence living is for you.

* We recognize that gender is a fluid continuum. Please contact us if you are interested and wondering if this group is right for you.

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MONDAY EVENINGS • 5-7:30pm MT • Online (Zoom Platform)
Apr 20 • May 11 • June 15 • July 13 • Aug 3 • Sept 21 • Oct 19 • Nov 16 • Dec 14 • Jan 11

THE WILDERNESS QUEST • August 25 – 31, 2020 • Begins at 12pm on Aug 25th ends at 2 pm on the 31st


Financial Commitment: $3,595 (payment plants available) | Discount if paid-in-full by March 20, 2020: $3,295

Upon reviewing your application, we will be in touch with you to schedule a discovery call with Katie Asmus or Katie Poinier. For questions and registration or application support, please contact us at

Light in the Sky

"i will not live an unlived life. i will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. i choose to inhabit my days, to let my living open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible; to loosen my heart, until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise..."

Dawna Markova

About Your Facilitators

Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP


Katie Asmus practices as a Somatic and Wilderness Psychotherapist, Educator,

Mentor, Ceremonialist, Quest Guide and Workshop Facilitator. She incorporates

present-moment awareness, creative arts, relationship to the natural world, and

body-mind connection to support people in more deeply and compassionately

connecting to themselves, others, and the earth. Katie has a long history of creating,

facilitating, and practicing personally meaningful ceremony and ritual, and she

believes strongly in the power of spending time in nature as a way to listen deeply


At Katie’s essence, she is one who is in love with humans and the natural world.

Committed to a never-ending path of learning, growth, and possibility, she is in awe

of the amazing inner wisdom, innate capacity to heal, and overall brilliance of our

human beingness. Her personal mission is to bring forth the inherent wisdom within every-Body, to open people’s minds and hearts to greater possibilities, and to bring more love and peace to the planet through tending to the humans.

Katie Poinier, MA, BSN, RN, Shamanic Practitioner

Katie Poinier is a registered nurse, shamanic practitioner, and wilderness rites of

passage guide who is dedicated to a holistic approach to healing and to shining the

gentle light of awareness on our most dimly lit places so that our hearts can glow.

The wisdom gained from all her areas of work contributes to her wholehearted belief

in establishing and maintaining wholeness through connection with the

more-than-human world, the unseen realms, and our inner landscapes. For Katie,

holistic healing that brings individual transformation contributes to the wellness and

balance of our world. Her goal is to reveal the beautiful essence of each person’s true

nature so that it can serve as an uplifting balm for the planet and all beings.

As a healer and a leader, she seeks optimal health in relationships of all kinds, whether

they are within or without. Welcoming in all that is present in our lives and experience,

especially through gentleness and play, is part of what enlivens her continued learning

in this lifetime.

Katie is a graduate of Seattle University’s Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program and Naropa University’s Master in Transpersonal Ecopsychology program. She lives with her lovely husband and her sweet dog in Seattle. 

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